XH001 G/F03E Galdra Superiority Fighter (12)
XH001 G/F03E Galdra Superiority Fighter (12)

XH001 G/F03E Galdra Superiority Fighter (12)

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

48.67mm x 9.80mm x 14.40mm

The Galdra is the Hegemonic Navy’s staple interceptor. Unlike a lot of interceptors, the Galdra is not a small fighter, but it in fact only barely smaller than the Wravax Medium Fighter.

Like many Xyriat smallcraft, the Galdra uses twin GVD emission disks rather than a single central one. The position of the disks – sunk into the hull either side of the cockpit – give the impression of the air-intakes used by old combustion engine aircraft. This illusion is heightened as the Galdra is streamlining for atmospheric flight. (Indeed, one of the reasons for a dual emission disk system is the reduction of drag in atmospheric operations.)

Unlike the older Hyat Light Fighter, the Galdra utilises light torpedoes as its primary weapons, with only a couple of light particle beam cannons on the wingtips. The two tubes are mounted in the nose, and plentifully supplied with warheads. The Galdra uses the additional range that Xyriat technology affords to attack fighters for a safer difference.

The Galdra has solid shields and high manoeuvrability, making it a capable dogfighter.