XH002  W/F04E Wravax Medium Fighter
XH002  W/F04E Wravax Medium Fighter

XH002 W/F04E Wravax Medium Fighter

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The Wravax Medium Fighter is a fairly standard middle-of-the-road multirole fighter. It is capable of engaging any targets, but is master at none. Despite the numerous upgrades over the years, the Wravax has had an unremarkable service history.

Better shielded, but slower and less agile than the Galdra, the Wravax carries four particle beam cannons in a double mount at the end of its wings. Like the Galdra, the Wravax boasts a dual-GVD emission disk system and is streamlining for atmospheric combat. 

The Wravax carries a single light torpedo tube in the nose, typically outfitted with less, but more powerful warheads than the Galdra’s two tubes, better optimised for attacking capital ships or heavier smallcraft.