MG144-JAL07 Appila Attack Rover
MG144-JAL07 Appila Attack Rover

MG144-JAL07 Appila Attack Rover

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144th (10 or 12mm)

30.80mm x 46.27mm x 29.57mm

The 21RLB Appila Attack Rover has been a staple of the Jalyrkieon military for a long time. It is essentially an upgraded modification of the earlier 21RUI Wilarit rover, a design itself nearly a hundred years old at the time of its replacement. The Appila, which has been refitted several times (the most modern generation being the 21RLB-6 version) forms the backbone of the Hierarchy army, using mobility and weight of numbers on a cheap, sturdy and easily maintained hull, rivalling the numbers of the contemporary human Soviet T-132 or its ancestor the T-72 in the 20th century.

Technically a light tank, the current Appila is modestly armoured, and fitted with one of two turrets.

The first is has twin, multibarrel phased-plasma cannons, which lie between those of the Tevqolath and the Shyroen MBTs in power. This gives it a good punch for dealing with shielded targets and excellent range, though the penetration is not spectacular.

The second turret is a series of five linked semi-guided rocket pods with 105 warheads. This gives the Appila a better anti-heavy-armour capability, at the expense of lesser range, combat endurance and anti-infantry ability. Both turrets are high-track and capable of dealing with anti-air craft or urban area operations.

The Appila also mounts a graviton crusher for additional point-defence.