MG144-Aotrs09 Line Infantry Platoon (35)
MG144-Aotrs09 Line Infantry Platoon (35)

MG144-Aotrs09 Line Infantry Platoon (35)

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Army Of The Red Spear

Four sets of seven troopers plus seven characters, enough for four squads of eight plus three spare sergeants/heroes.
144th (10 or 12mm)

60.48mm x 70.43mm x 19.77mm

Line Infantry or Standard Infantry are the primary troops of the Aotrs proper ground army infantry forces. (Dark Elf Trooper and Orc Stormsoldier forces have different designations.) Due to their higher level of training and skill, Line Infantry’s remit also covers as standard what many other armed forces have dedicated special forces branches (such as marines or commandoes) for.

As part of the Aotrs proper, Line Infantry are composed mainly of Undead and predominatly skeletal Liches or Skeleton Warriors. There is a smattering of representatives, however, of nearly every race and type somewhere in the ground troops, on a more-or-less individual basis. This is on a much smaller scale than starship crews or ground base personnel, due to the additional greater stresses imposed by operating with an otherwise-Undead unit ; the majority of secondments take the option of volentary Lichdom. Typically, then, a living member of the standard Aotrs ground forces will be very exceptional individual.

For the both the standard infantry and the marine troops, standard equipment is Medium Body Armour, a coldbeam rifle, a coldbeam pistol sidearm, a magic short sword heat blade, a scanner and three grenades (typically three AGF-08 Offensive General Purpose Grenades).

The standard infantry unit is a squad of eight, including squad leader – who will often have more spells as well – and at least one support weapon, usually a coldbeam Support and a Snake launcher, but this can vary from unit to unit; units with higher casting capability (such as for the Aotrs-standard Lightning Bolt) that are not dedicated anti-tank teams may have only a support weapon, relying on their spells otherwise.