JAL302 Aquja Orndoo Dreadnought

JAL302 Aquja Orndoo Dreadnought

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Fleet scale

73.14mm x 176.90mm x 26.70mm

Even larger than the Essperila, the Aquja Orndoo is almost 1800 metres in length. This massive vessel boasts a vast quantity of phased-plasma batteries, twin energy torpedo tubes and twelve heavy shrapnel cannons. With dozens of point-defence weapons and extremely heavy shields and armour, the Aquja Orndoo is very difficult to kill. A task that is not made easier by its prestigious speed and manoeuvrability for a vessel of its size. Nearly a fifth of the entire vessel supports the massive engines that propel it.

The Aquja Orndoo’s less comprehensive spread of weapons typically sees it in a fleet role, providing enormous shield-and-armour stripping power for smaller vessels to take care if.

There is some suggestion there is a variant that replaces the shrapnel cannons and some of the phased-plasma batteries with additional energy torpedo tubes, but whether this is a true variant or a proposed refit of the design to a new class or even an original design prototype is unclear.