JAL202 Sithan Marraz Shrapnel Cruiser

JAL202 Sithan Marraz Shrapnel Cruiser

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Fleet scale

20.91mm x 54.65mm x 18.13mm

The Sithan Marraz Shrapnel Cruiser’s primary job is area suppression. With no less than six shrapnel cannons, to both forward and rear, they can devastate a formation of enemy vessels. The Sithan Marraz was specifically built to counter the Vivrathk, whose reliance on close-range blasterbeam point-defence places them right within the shrapnel cannon’s optimal ranges. In addition, the Sithan Marraz boasts almost as much phased-plasma firepower as the similarly-sized Venlix, plus some additional area-defence anti-fighter weaponry, rendering it quite capable of operating in small groups with minimal escort.