XH103  FF02D Verat Light Frigate (x4)
XH103  FF02D Verat Light Frigate (x4)

XH103 FF02D Verat Light Frigate (x4)

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(Note rear sprue is tapered at the attachment to to deliniate where to cut.)

The Verat Light Frigate is a general-purpose warship. Overhauled several times in it service history to keep it modern, the Verat has something of a reputation for mediocrity; it reputedly never seems to perform especially well or especially badly and is considered a “safe” but uninteresting vessel to serve upon. A strict reading of historical events fails to support this theory, but the myth holds true on most of the Hegemonic Navy’s serving crews.

The Verat is a common sight supporting larger vessels or leading groups of smaller ones.

The Verat is armed with a variety of particle beam turrets for use against capital or smallcraft and a handful of small light torpedo turrets.