XH203  CPD01 Volovax PD Cruiser
XH203  CPD01 Volovax PD Cruiser

XH203 CPD01 Volovax PD Cruiser

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The Volovax Point Defence Cruiser is the most common specialist point-defence vessel in use with the Hegemonic Navy. The two distinctive rotatory particle beam turret mounts were prototyped on the earlier Vuxor Point-Defence Frigate and honed to perfection on the larger Volovax. The rotary system allows a higher rate of fire to be concentrated to a single area, which still leaving full coverage elsewhere. Against dispersed targets, this effect can often be minimal, but it allows the Volovax to deploy a near-continuous stream of light attacks to a point target – such as a vessel caught in the two tractor beam arrays the cruiser carries.

To further supplement this firepower, the Volovax carries several light torpedo turrets. While these are most often used against captured targets, the Volovax’s role as a point-defence ship means they are also used against attacking fighters or, particularly, larger smallcraft.