XH302  BSG01 Vydrosa Disruptor Battleship
XH302  BSG01 Vydrosa Disruptor Battleship

XH302 BSG01 Vydrosa Disruptor Battleship

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The Vydrosa is the most recent disruptor vessel to enter the Hegemonic Navy. Carrying four of the very latest spacial disruption generators, the Vydrosa’s FTL disruption field is enormously effective at interdiction of enemy FTL movement, capable of even stopping UCDR magitech teleportation in its tracks.

The Vydrosa  is large and powerful enough that is can still manoeuvre effectively while running the generators and is capable of a fair turn of speed for a vessel of its size. 

It is heavily protected and is armed with a modest number of particle beam weapons for use against both capital ships and fighters or missiles. It also has numerous small-calibre light torpedo tubes for defence against marauding fighters or small craft or to attack any capital ship which strays too close.